Technology is an Amplifier

Man is a toolmaker, has the ability to make a tool to amplify the amount of inherent ability that he has... what we are doing is building tools that amplify a human ability... the industrial revolution was an amplification of a human ability, sweat... What we are working towards now is the ability to amplify another human ability and we are just starting to get glimmerings of where it is going to go. – Steve Jobs

Hmmmm. Technology should be employed to amplify ability, hopefully with humans still at the centre..

So far, we've been granted superpowers to:

- communicate across long distances
- work with multiple people at the same time
- not have to remember things, but easily find them
- fill out reports and enter data at superhuman speeds
- easily spot inconsistencies and errors
- be automatically alerted to problems as if they had a sixth-sense
- easily accomplish difficult tasks directly related to your business
- augment reality with information or other perspectives